How Good Is Istanbul for Living?

Istanbul is a very friendly city full of hospitable people with warm hearts. The people are quite insightful, humorous and delightful to talk to. Also, this place is a cultural hub, with layers of history across the walls of the city which unfold to tell a story of its glorious past as one decides to take a stroll down its well laid roads. This city, known for its culture and tradition, is as much well-known for as its glorious sunset, as the extraordinary sight of the minarets with music dueling through the streets, delightful street foods and restaurants. Words fall short when one needs to describe this beautiful city where extraordinary cultural experiences lie at every corner.

Art & Architecture of Istanbul

The conquering armies of the ancient times tried to plunder this beautiful city rather than endow its grace with artistic treasures. However, this situation changed as soon as the Byzantines took over and they adorned the palaces and churches with beautiful frescoes and mosaics. Ottomans, their successors who quickly took over after their arrival in an emphatic fashion took over to building ambitious masterpieces and thanks to them, some of the most magnificent, well decorated and wonderfully architecture mosques, along with some other architectural marvels adorn the skylines of Istanbul.

Living History of Cultural diversities

Ä°stanbul is one place which is so strategically located, that many armies wanted to conquer this city. This city was targeted by the Greeks, Persians, Romans, Venetians and finally the Ottomans who all in their own ways brought different cultures and traditions to this city. This city was also the pathway to the silk trade between the Asians and the Europeans. And while the traders did this, they were so overawed by this beautiful city, that they decided to stay here and while they did this, they endowed this city with cultural diversities which this city retains till date.

Culinary Heritage of Istanbul

Thanks to the cultural diversity, the city’s food is as diverse and as delicious as one can ever imagine. In fact the food in Istanbul is fusioned thanks to the multiple cultures. The locals in this city take their food and their drinks very seriously and the restaurants of this city are the best in the country. Right from Asian delights to Italian classics, French cuisines, to English traditional breakfast, one can find all sorts of influences and all sorts of foods, available to cater to all the visitors. Istanbul also makes a drink for the royals with the name Raki, which also happens to be a national drink which basically contains grape spirit topped up with aniseeds which just makes washing down the food, all so yummy.

Thus Istanbul is a great city to stay and as a result of this, people for the exact mentioned reasons are looking at apartments for settling down. And hence builders are bringing out apartments in Istanbul for sale so as to cater to the high demand in the market. The apartments for sale in Istanbul cover the city in its entirety and range from premium condos to flats, whatever maybe the demand of the consumers.