Why Buying Raw Land Is In Such High Demand?

Why is the demand for buying raw land going up year after year?

Could it be that people are looking to find a way to mark a special spot on this Earth to call their own? Or maybe it’s finding that rewarding experience from living off the land and sifting your dirt that you own between your fingers.

But for Daniela Catzik, it means something more. Sitting on the side of a hill in Arizona, the view leaves the Oakland, California resident with a feeling of “total solitude.”

It’s a strong emotion that comes from owning a good chunk of American land, something that connects her to the homesteaders and pioneers of the past. It is the legacy that she will leave her loved ones full of memories that they will cherish for years to come.

“I feel like a long overdue void has finally been fulfilled,” she said. “I had a feeling of complete satisfaction after I bought that raw land parcel – like I could finally exhale and feel content that I have finally found my home.”

Catzik, is among many Californians who have finally realized their lifelong dreams of buying land in rural America, often at prices far lower than in California.

“People want to get out of the cities. They want to get away from the crime, the pollution, the traffic and gridlock that they call normal.” We believe they want to get away from what prevents them from seeing the twinkling stars of the evening sky. They want to recapture the simplicity of their younger years.

Informed consumers are now purchasing land for several reasons. Some of those reasons are for investment purposes, recreational (I.e. RV, camping), hunting or just having a legacy of memories to hand down to your loved ones.

Another strong motivator is to “get off the grid” and cut off the need for electric, water etc. People are opting for alternative power such as solar power and satellite phones instead. They are even buying land that does not have a well for water. They are opting to have water delivered instead.

Experts say that although buying land in a peaceful rural setting can be a dream, it can also have great profit potential.

Compared with California’s prices, Arizona land can often times be more inexpensive in comparison. With owner financing options, that require no large down payments, no crazy collateral demands it makes raw land ownership within consumers reach. We have been seeing high demand for land in Arizona and Colorado, and prices have been rising accordingly. Buying land in any of those areas would be a good strong investment.

For all the reasons listed above raw land ownership is a win win for you and your stock portfolio. With the stock market fluctuations and the deflation of our US Dollar, investing in your own piece of raw land is the safest investment that you can make.