Home Owners Must Face FACTS!

One of the biggest challenges, many homeowners, seeking to sell their homes, experience, is, they perceive, their houses, far differently, than a potential, qualified buyer, probably will! It is generally wise, for many reasons, to take advantage of the experience, expertise, and professionalism, of a licensed, real estate agent, but, one, which is often, overlooked (and, not considered), is being willing, and able to, realistically, face the FACTS, and proceed, accordingly! Avoid lying to yourself, and, letting, any over – stated, personal perception of how great it is, harm your ultimate possibilities, and/ or, results! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means, and represents, and why it matters.

1. Future; faithful; flourish; fruition: Experiencing the finest future, depends upon being faithful to, the time – tested realities, of real estate! Sellers, generally, flourish, when, they pay keen attention, and listen, carefully, to professional advice! This requires consistent focus, emphasis, and behavior, if one hopes, to bring the best results, to fruition!

2. Attention; aspects; area; attitude: Successfully, marketing a property, requires, carefully, thoroughly, paying keen attention, to details, whether minor, or, the bigger – picture! One must realistically, consider as many aspects, whether positives or negatives (or anywhere, in – between), and address these, using strengths, effectively, while addressing any weaknesses. Consider, thoroughly, the possibilities, positives, and negatives, of the area, neighborhood, and region, in terms of safety/ security/ crime, conveniences to shopping, etc, and transportation possibilities, advantages and disadvantages!

3. Character; create; competition; coordinate: A homeowner, and the agent, he hires, must work together, in a coordinated manner, and effectively use quality teamwork! What are the characters, and characteristics of the house, which might attract, or turn – off, potential buyers, and what might be the best way, to feature these, effectively? Create, together, a marketing and selling program, which will achieve the finest results. Use a listing price, which is indicated, by a professionally designed, and created, Competitive Market Analysis (CMA), so you stand – out, from your competition!

4. Time – tested; timely; trends: Take advantage of time – tested, professional ideas and experiences, and, respond, to market changes, etc, as well as responding to questions, in a well – considered, timely manner! What trends, might assist your process, versus, which might be, your enemies!

5. Service; system; strengths: Your agent must provide quality service and representation, and the finest system, to achieve your objectives. When strengths, are accentuated, and areas of weakness, are addressed professionally, the homeowner benefits!

If you hope to sell your home, become a smart homeowner, and face the FACTS! Will you be willing to learn, in your own best interests?