Why Should Someone BUY Your Home?

Although, the real estate market, is, often, a cyclical one, rotating between a buyers, sellers, and balanced market, a smart homeowner must take the time, and make the effort, to thoroughly consider, why any qualified, potential buyer, might opt to BUY your home, rather than another house. This approach, should commence, when a homeowner, interviews, potential real estate agents, and determines, which one, might be the best, to hire, to serve and represent his home, during the process, etc. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means, and why it’s such a key component, of achieving a seller’s objectives, goals, and priorities.

1. Better; best; buyers; bring it; benefits: In which areas, does this house, possess better features, than its competition, on the real estate market? Which agent, and approach, might produce the best results? Instead of merely, considering, attracting viewers, for your home, how might one market it, effectively, to ensure he attracts, qualified, potential buyers, who might appreciate, specific features, etc, offered? What benefits, does your home, provide, its owners, which go, above and beyond, the competition? Have a thorough conversation, in advance, with your agent, so you proceed, on, the same – page, and maximizes the possibilities of bringing it, consistently, and thoroughly!

2. Unique; useful; uses; urging: Why would you believe, your home, is unique? Explain to your agent, what makes it so, and why others, might want to know about these! Does the house, have various uses, which might distinguish it? Why do you believe, a specific agent, might be more useful, towards achieving your objective? How might one, effectively urge, the right buyer, to make a quality, acceptable offer, in a timely manner?

3. You; yours; yes: While you have always, perhaps, loved your house, because it was yours, and you have developed memories, etc, there, how might these positive memories, be shared, with others, to make them, visualize themselves, living there, and enjoying it? Remember, while intentions, etc, are wonderful, in real estate, unless/ until, a qualified buyer, says, yes, to making it their home, nothing of consequence happens! How might you, make others, visualize themselves, living in this house, and making it their home?

From the onset of the placing of a house, on the real estate market, and through the entire transaction period, the most effective focus, is, considering, carefully, why others, would want to BUY this specific property. Proceed, with an open – mind, and consider, the best marketing and selling approaches, for your specific home!