Wise Homeowners Avoid Lying, To Themselves!

If, and, when, you decide, it’s the right time, to sell your home, you have the choice, between, being your best friend, or, your own, worst enemy! What good does it do you, to fool yourself, into, believing your home is worth, far more than it is, or has a competitive advantage, which it might not? Unfortunately, may sellers perceive, the higher, they list their house, the more money, they will receive, when it sells! In reality, while that strategy, may (although, rarely) make sense (under specific circumstances), in the vast number of instances, houses listed, at the proper price, from the beginning, receive the finest, quality offers! When one interviews agents, and selects the one, he should hire, it’s important to enter, the process, with your eyes – wide – open, and evaluate his home, as potential buyers might. With that in mind, this article will attempt to consider, examine, review, and discuss, what this means, and why it matters.

1. The property: Are you taking a realistic view, of your property, and what it might offer, a potential buyer, versus others, listed on the real estate market? What factors might provide a competitive advantage, and which might be a negative? Consider size, location, grounds, condition, and upgrades, in an introspective, objective manner.

2, The present market: Are you listing your house, during a buyers, sellers, or neutral/ balanced market? How many similar houses, are there, presently listed, for sale? This is an essential consideration, before proceeding!

3, The agent, you hire: It makes a different, which agent you hire! Which one might best represent, your specific property, as well as your personal needs, goals, objectives, perceptions, and priorities? Since, for most, their house represents their single – biggest, financial asset, it’s important to proceed, wisely, and your best interests! Far too often, homeowners are unduly influenced, when a particular agent, paints an unrealistically, rosy picture, and seems to try, to buy the listing, by suggesting a somewhat, unrealistically, high, listing price. Choose someone, you feel comfortable with, have faith in, and who, seems to exhibit the utmost degree of genuine empathy, based on effectively listening, and learning, the best approach, for you!

4. Pricing: In most cases, houses, which are priced, right, from the start, have the finest results! In the vast number of instances, the best offers come, in the first few weeks, after the house is listed, because it attracts the most, quality, qualified, potential buyers. Don’t waste the opportunity, but be thoroughly prepared, and, on the same page, with the agent, you hire!

If you hope to sell your house, and get the best, possible results, which for most, include, the highest possible price, in the shortest period of time, with the least hassle, plan properly, and be prepared! Will you be your own best friend, or worst enemy?