What is the least-maintenance kitchen countertop? Expert knowledge

What is the least-maintenance kitchen countertop? Expert knowledge. Kitchen countertops need treatment in order to remain sanitary, blemish-free, and to keep the top qualities that make them sensible working surfaces. That makes the question of what is the most low maintenance kitchen countertop when remodeling a good one.

There are several kitchen countertop ideas to choose from in creating the room, however among the factors that identifies them is just how much time and effort is absorbed taking care of them so they continue doing well and looking good. Fail to consider this up and you can end up with a task it’s impossible to find room for.

However which are the choices that demand least to remain functional and magnificent? Right here, kitchen specialists share their top guidance.

What is the least-maintenance kitchen countertop? Expert knowledge

Low Maintenance Kitchen Countertops

It’s fine to fall for kitchen ideas that require much more in terms of maintenance if you have actually decided they’re must-haves for the room, and your routine permits it. However low maintenance could be on top of the program instead.

If that holds true, select kitchen countertops– in addition to bar countertops and island countertops– that call for the minimum of initiative to remain safe for food preparation, free of discolorations, and excellent looking. One of the most low maintenance kitchen countertop? Quartz is the number one choice, according to experts.

Quartz is what is referred to as an engineered stone made from ground quartz plus additives that make it incredibly tough and long lasting. It is likewise easy to care for, and this is what you need to understand about its very little maintenance needs– plus there are a number of different countertop materials to take into consideration.

What is the least-maintenance kitchen countertop? Expert knowledge


‘ Quartz countertops stick out as a prime option when taking into consideration low-maintenance alternatives,’ states indoor developer Artem Kropovinsky. ‘Their non-porous nature indicates they stand up to tarnishing better than granite, marble, and concrete. Just wipe them down with a moderate meal soap and water, and they maintain their radiance.’

Keep in mind that due to the fact that quartz countertops are non-porous, cleaning is all that’s necessary; they do not require maintenance in the form of securing and regular resealing.

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‘ Quartz is what I generally would recommend for a client trying to find a low maintenance kitchen countertop,’ agrees interior developer Esther Chi of Mudan Interior Design. ‘Unlike natural rocks like marble and granite, quartz is a manufactured non-porous product. This means that it is very immune to staining. You will not have to bother with securing it on a regular basis. While no material is entirely scratch-proof, quartz is quite difficult and resists scrapes much better than a lot of various other products. Due to the fact that it is a crafted rock, quartz offers a more regular pattern and shades, so you don’t need to stress over extreme variations that could impact the aesthetics. While it is not as heat-resistant as granite, quartz can endure a sensible quantity of warmth and is generally immune to breaking and cracking.

What is the least-maintenance kitchen countertop? Expert knowledge

‘ Maintenance can be done daily easy with basic wipe-down with damp cloth or moderate recipe soap,’ she proceeds. ‘While quartz is resistant to discoloration, timely cleaning of splilling of dark fluid is advised. You would wish to prevent making use of solid acids or alkaline services when cleaning up quartz to stop harming its surface. It is also important to utilize heat-resistant pads when placing best-sellers on a quartz countertop although it can endure heat to some extent.’

Rachael H Grochowski, founder and principal of RHG A+D, is likewise a fan of quartz. ‘Collaborating with customers I usually inquire exactly how often and what kind of food preparation they do when selecting countertops; this commonly impacts the direction,’ she says. ‘Manufactured quartz is one of the most resilient to tarnish and a wonderful selection because of the variety– whatever from a concrete want to marble.’

If choosing quartz, be mindful that quartz countertops are offered under a variety of trademark name: for instance, Silestone, Caesarstone, and Cambria.


While quartz is the leading selection for low maintenance, Dekton is an easy-care alternative that likewise has its followers. It’s an ultra-compact stone made from over 20 natural minerals, and the procedure whereby it’s made makes it very strong and very immune to both water and stains.

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‘ For a posh choice to quartz, think about Dekton surfaces,’ says Artem Kropovinsky. ‘Developed from an innovative blend of basic materials found in glass, porcelain, and quartz, Dekton provides an ultra-compact surface. Besides its resistance to UV, scratches, and severe temperature levels, it demands marginal care.’

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Adhere to the supplier’s recommendation and use soap and water to clean. Like quartz, Dekton does not require to be secured nor resealed gradually.

What is the least-maintenance kitchen countertop? Expert knowledge


If nothing but all-natural rock will certainly do, then assume granite. It will require more care than both quartz and Dekton, but has advantages contrasted to various other stone. ‘While it does require sealing, it’s still fairly low maintenance,’ states indoor designer Anu Kurup of Persimmon Layout. ‘Granite countertops are warm immune and can take care of day-to-day wear and tear. To maintain them looking their finest, secure them yearly and tidy with a mild cleanser and water.’

Rachael H Grochowski concurs. ‘The fact is that granite is among the hardest stones standing up to both cracking and discoloring,’ she says.



As well as being low maintenance overall since it does not need sealing, quartz is very easy to clean as it merely needs to be wiped down with light dish soap and water. Dekton can be cleaned up similarly therefore, too, can products such as soapstone, granite, stainless-steel, and laminate. Constantly examine the manufacturer’s cleaning standards when selecting a countertop to avoid revoking the warranty.

The very best countertops for a kitchen tick packages for usefulness, design, and whether all-natural or nonnatural products are liked or both are in the running. In making a kitchen make sure to consider how much maintenance is viable to be content with the selection in the long-term. Consider, too, kitchen cabinet ideas and kitchen backsplash ideas for layout success.