Ideas for living room dividers: 9 inventive ways to partition your living room

Ideas for living room dividers: 9 inventive ways to partition your living room. We share nine smart fads to create a fashionable and valuable divide in your sitting area. Living rooms, lounge rooms, call them what you will, contemporary homes cast a brand-new light on lounge living, and with it the demand for space divider panels.

Modern homes, apartment or condos and restorations can commonly take the kind of one main space, which can consist of a kitchen area, dining location and a living room, often an office may be thrown in permanently step. The concern is just how developers break up these open modern areas to make sure that they do not feel like a city center with furniture in numerous corners. The response? Divider panels.

As walls are knocked through and open-plan living takes center stage in contemporary living, exactly how do we creatively and elegantly divide a space up so that it looks good however permits the natural zoning of spaces?

Ideas for living room dividers: 9 inventive ways to partition your living room


Conventional ideas are commonly a few of the most effective, and ornamental screens have actually been utilized in interior design  as area dividers for several centuries. Ornately embellished, lacquered, described with fine threads or paintwork, and woven from cane or bamboo, these stunning interior furniture pieces are remarkably valuable, since they can quickly be gotten and moved, and reconfigured to fit any type of area.

Dane, principal at Dane Austin Style consents, ‘Room divider panels can be helpful as a fashionable accent piece to dress up a basic corner, include an aspect of design, or as a functional space preparation solution for rooms both large and little.’

They are dazzling at hiding unsightly detritus in a space, extending and dividing long locations in a room or you fold them into smaller sized displays to allow them to divide a small corner of a space. The selections of department and design are virtually unlimited which is what makes these certain items of layout furniture so preferred, exceptionally useful, and naturally, the kind of withstanding furniture that can be handed down and kept as antiques.

Ideas for living room dividers: 9 inventive ways to partition your living room


An even more modern take on divider panels is shelves. Shelving can be a straightforward and functional service for dividing a living room and creating separated zones. Free-standing racks can be found in numerous very elegant styles and can be enhanced to create an office-type zone in the living room, or they can be styled with objects, artworks, houseplants and design books to create a chicer and more marginal seek to the division.

Your shelving selection can run brief or run long, depending on the sort of division you want to create. Some shelving units are developed to be set up by any means that matches, enabling you to completely shut off a room, or partly create a department.

‘ Zone a huge living room with open shelving, this allows light and air to move and does not obstruct sightlines, but still creates a sense of division, make sure to funnel your internal interior designer and design the shelves.’ Says Irene Gunter, Principal at Gunter & Co

. Just how you create the department is undoubtedly what kind of living room you desire, if you intend to feel linked to each zone in your living room, after that leaving area in between the shelving makes more feeling. Yet if you are keen to create very separate zones then make use of shelving that uses this type of configuration.

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Ideas for living room dividers: 9 inventive ways to partition your living room


Elisabeth Rogoff, principal at Champalimaud Design, explains that the trick to creating aesthetic department is, ‘To make each area an expansion of the last while providing each component an unique individuality so you are attracted into the following location with a feeling of curiosity and don’t really feel jarred or puzzled when you make the change.’

In this open-plan living space, division has been created using furniture, but as Elisabeth explains, there is cohesion in the general tone and color options in the design, providing a feeling of link, whilst likewise providing separate areas in a space.


Exactly how you configure your furniture is a fantastic means to subtly, but plainly, create various zoning areas in your living room. Console tables are fantastic furniture to divide a sitting area between a relaxing, chilling area to a workplace or eating area. By their very nature and layout the size and breadth of a console table ensure they simply create department.

Hyphen & Carbon monoxide developer Eliza McNabb, ‘Use furniture to your benefit! A console behind a sofa is an excellent means to show that 2 spaces are separate. Ornamental light fixtures installed over separate locations can likewise supply visual splitting up, defining different rooms.’

Ideas for living room dividers: 9 inventive ways to partition your living room


Seating can provide a different point of view to the division of a resting area, by merely choosing various types of seating. You can create a wide variety of division that although different, really feels joined up by the extremely fact of the furniture using the same service.

Dividing a living room using seats can be an effective aesthetic selection and gives you with the possibility to select a selection of seating choices. Lucy Harris at Lucy Harris Studios thinks that: ‘Chairs are like precious jewelry and must have an intriguing form that contrasts with the couch.’

Lucy adds, ‘In a big room, I like to have numerous seating areas and generally just one sofa or sectional generally seating area. Numerous seats areas make a space feel generous. I such as one of the seats areas to really feel grander than the various other so your eye has a place to remainder. In a secondary seating area, I would use chairs and a bench, not a sofa, for seats.’

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Having a large living room is a joyous point, however typically working out just how to create fashionable department can give you a headache! It can supply you with a lot of room to entertain and escape family members at Xmas, however it can be tricky to make it really feel enrolled and relaxing.

Dividing a space right into smaller sized zones can be done with windows and doors and Critall design windows and doors can be utilized as dividing options and are a stylish service to select inside a larger space. This contemporary style of framed glass allows an area to breathe, making sure the circulation is not disrupted and that light is able to access every part of the area. Critall doorways or home windows can be chosen to load a whole area for department or just partially and the appearance is conclusive and extremely chic.


Layout is ever developing, from the dazzling and much-used attractive screens from previous centuries, new styles born from classical features such as screens provide a modern slant on an original design.

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Perforated steel displays or slatted louvered aspects made from all-natural products provide a distinct and modern means to divide an area. This home in Hong Kong flaunts stunning, modern wooden screens, which carefully and efficiently dividers the space, providing a traditional style yet supplied with a modern spin.


‘ Zoning is so useful within our homes and makes our home a lot a lot more adaptable. So many rooms are dual-use currently, assume studies in bedrooms, kitchen-diners, living rooms with children’s play rooms, and so on. The quickest, most effective way to create a meaning in between areas is using paint’.

Believes color and paint expert, Annie Sloan CBE, utilizing paint to separate locations in an open living space is an affordable means to create department in your living room.

Paint furniture or walls or perhaps the floor to obtain that feeling of department.


Think out of package when it concerns divider ideas, curtains can end up being divider panels, and relying on the textile, they can provide dark, heavy divider panels to make sure that a zone can end up being tight, or they could be light and airy, providing even more of a pointer of department.

In this Brooklyn apartment, indoor designer C.S. Valentin wanted an unique layout service to divide his living and working area.

‘ I wanted something a little bit misplaced to separate the office space from the living room.’ He describes, ‘I really did not desire a traditional drape, so I began exploring medical facility drop chains curtain tracks, however I additionally wanted color and preferably yellow, in some way it led to those commercial food storage space PVC strip drapes.’


Dividing ideas are as different and innovative as you can picture, they can be subtle, for example, choosing to make use of a carpet as a straightforward means to divide a space and create a different zoned area. Or they can be luxuriant and ornamental with more idea put into the installment, possibly picking Critall windows, doors, or a glass dividers.

You can use various kinds of furniture, varying seating alternatives, a table and chairs, or something as simple as a console table. Or you might choose to pick a more decorative style option, such as an elaborate or antique display or color stopping making use of differing tones from the exact same palette or a totally strong paint tone, to delineate clearly a different zone.

Whatever method of department you make use of, ensure your zones are clearly marked by your selection. Goal to maintain the colors of furniture or furnishings in the same design scheme as the remainder of the area to make sure visual harmony. Most notably, have a good time, and count on your own personal design reactions.

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