What is the most durable material for a kitchen countertop? Experts advice best investment

What is the most durable material for a kitchen countertop? Experts advice best investment. Kitchen countertops are a component of the area that should last despite day-to-day use as the room’s functioning surface areas. They make a significant effect on the look of the space also, so the ability to keep their great appearances is additionally treasured.

In limiting kitchen countertop concepts as part of a room remodel, for that reason, the concern of which is one of the most resilient kitchen countertop product is one worth asking. A lovely material that does not have longevity doesn’t maximize the investment needed for new countertops.

To make picking countertops that last and look remarkable simple we asked kitchen experts to give the lowdown on durability, and this is their recommendations.

What is the most durable material for a kitchen countertop? Experts advice best investment

Kitchen Countertop Materials That Last

Countertops are a major aspect of kitchen concepts and need to match kitchen cabinet concepts and kitchen backsplash ideas to create the preferred layout.

Yet the kitchen is a tireless room and countertops have a practical component within it that requires to maintain their top qualities with hefty use, so they should be made from resilient in addition to attractive material.

In searching for one of the most durable countertop, you’ll likely be delighted to hear there isn’t just a solitary material alternative, however a few to consider. This implies you can choose a material that fits your choices aesthetically which will last. These are the alternatives the experts recommend.

What is the most durable material for a kitchen countertop? Experts advice best investment


Tile countertop concepts have actually undergone a rebirth in recent years and among the reasons is that they can be exceptionally long lasting. Simply make sure to choose a tile that’s suitable for a counter when you get– non-porous porcelain, for example.

‘ I advise a tile countertop because it is heatproof, not simply heat resistant,’ claims Docia Boylen, proprietor of Handyman Link of Golden, CO. ‘It is one of the least pricey options available. And the tiles can be changed if cracked or broken. The tiles and grout (when secured correctly) are 100 percent waterproof. Plus tile countertops allow a home owner’s character ahead through in the end product. Upkeep is cleansing the area and then sealing (filling up if needed) the grout lines each year. These can last the life time of your home. Constantly order extra tiles for substitutes.’

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For those that choose rock countertops, indoor designer Artem Kropovinsky advises soapstone for its longevity. ‘In the world of all-natural rocks, soapstone sticks out,’ he says. ‘Not only is it resistant to discolorations and heat, but its thick nature likewise implies it’s non-porous, which reduces microbial buildup.’

Know, though, that although soapstone is durable, it can be prone to scrapes, according to Artem. Pick it if you’re planned for this opportunity, which can be characterful, and additionally that of the surface area’s appearance altering. ‘In time, it can establish an all-natural patina that numerous property owners like,’ claims Artem.

What is the most durable material for a kitchen countertop? Experts advice best investment



A more option that ratings well on resilience when you prefer all-natural products to synthetic? ‘If you want an even more natural option, I would suggest exploring a hardwood countertop,’ states Docia Boylen. ‘Maple, acacia, black walnut, or white oak are a couple of instances of hardwoods and they rate high up on the Janka solidity scale. I think this is among the only resilient countertops that is made from a natural and lasting material.

‘ You will need to continually apply an oil to the timber to protect the surface,’ she notes. ‘Timber can warp from wetness. If you remain in an extremely arid climate they can reduce otherwise adequate oil is made use of on them often. You get an added touch with these given that they are very gentle on your meals and cooking equipment, they likewise do not fracture if you drop something on them.’

What is the most durable material for a kitchen countertop? Experts advice best investment


Non-natural products can provide excellent sturdiness considering that they have actually been developed with this in mind.

‘ When we are looking for maximum toughness we turn to Neolith,’ states Denise Morrison of Morrison Interiors. ‘A synthetic item with a proprietary structure, it is a fantastic selection for enduring life’s daily experiences like lemon juice, red wine and coffee spills. Neolith is likewise warmth resistant, permitting pots and pans to be positioned directly on it. Small maintenance is required for it to maintain its form.’

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One more synthetic choice that’s made to last is Dekton. ‘When delving into engineered alternatives, Dekton surfaces are tough to overlook,’ claims Artem Kropovinsky. ‘It promises both warm and scrape resistance. Its non-porosity methods there’s little upkeep. Merely wipe with a neutral cleaner to maintain its shine.’

Malka Helft of Think Chic Interiors is also a follower of Dekton’s sturdiness. ‘A material that is heat, scratch and tarnish resistant and now thanks to ever-evolving modern technologies not just appears like rock yet seems like it too,’ she says.



Both quartz and granite are extremely sturdy kitchen countertop products. ‘Granite stands apart for its toughness versus scrapes and warm, while quartz offers a low-maintenance, scratch-resistant option,’ claims Elizabeth Vergara the owner and lead developer of Vergara Homes. Granite is an all-natural product and each item is unique, so is a far better choice if that is a preference. Bear in mind that it does need to be secured to stand up to stains. Quartz, on the other hand, does not require to be secured which some will certainly consider a benefit. It is greatly made from quartz however has polymers and pigment to create a resilient fabricated rock for countertops.

Whether natural products or manmade are your choice, there are extremely durable countertop products to select from and to suit all budget plans. Bear in mind that bar countertop concepts and island countertop concepts can utilize the exact same material however equally offer the opportunity to display a various one for home bars or the kitchen island. Laundry room countertops, too, can match the kitchen, or use an alternating product.