Makeover of a Bathroom in a Coastal Style

Makeover of a Bathroom in a Coastal Style. This coastal style bathroom makeover features beautiful bathroom design ideas and bathroom décor suggestions. Bathroom design that is simple and tidy.

I’m overjoyed to finally be able to show you our seaside bathroom remodel! We weren’t planned on doing this project this year, but after a leak in our toilet forced us to rip up the bathroom floor, we decided to just go for it. Our house is roughly 25 years old, and this bathroom has not received any significant updates in that time, so I figured a bathroom makeover was in order!

Makeover of a Bathroom in a Coastal Style


When planning your bathroom design, keep in mind how you want the bathroom to operate as well as how you want the area to feel. Do you want something sophisticated? Do you like a more spa-like atmosphere? Is it necessary for tiny children to be family friendly? What you choose visually isn’t always what would function best or be the most practical for your family. Once you’ve determined your “must-haves,” you can begin to make product and design decisions.

  • There were a few primary factors that I attempted to keep in mind with all of my purchases for our bathroom makeover.
  • I wanted a timeless style that would last for many years. This meant avoiding anything too trendy or theme-based.
  • I wanted something that would be simple for the boys to maintain tidy. Although I clean the bathroom thoroughly once a month, they are responsible for keeping it clean on a regular basis. The less complicated, the better!
  • I wanted to design a room that was basic and relaxing, but also easy to maintain organized.

Makeover of a Bathroom in a Coastal Style


I didn’t set out to create a specific “style” for our bathroom, but once completed, it definitely had a coastal vibe! It’s strange how everything just seem to fall into place in the end. Sherwin Williams “Passive” was used to paint the bathroom walls. It’s a lovely light grey with chilly undertones. Greys are usually a difficult color to work with because they may look so different from room to room, and I was relieved that it didn’t have too much blue in it after it was up.

I used a combination of black and chrome for the accents. I love chrome, but I thought that all of it was a touch too formal. I like the black adds a more casual and modern air, plus it allowed me to keep the black towel rack that we’ve had since we moved in.

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Makeover of a Bathroom in a Coastal Style


My biggest “must have” in our new vanity was two sinks, and they did not disappoint. It’s been SO great not having to hear the guys squabble over one sink every morning.

Having said that, selecting a bathroom vanity was the most difficult and time-consuming aspect of the entire remodel. I was a little underwhelmed with the alternatives after looking at pretty much every model in every store around here and online. Many of them appeared to be very poorly constructed (despite not being cheap! ), were beyond of our price range, didn’t have outstanding quality evaluations, or didn’t provide a lot of usable storage. TIP: Consider what will be available for storage AFTER all of the piping is installed. Most vanities came with both the vanity and the countertop, and I frequently liked the finish of the vanity but not the countertop, or vice versa.

On my third or fourth Lowe’s visit, I spoke with a bath associate, not just a general colleague, who advised a semi-custom solid wood vanity. I’d passed it up in the store since the floor model was merely a modest single-sink vanity with a wood stain and a countertop I didn’t like. However, there were numerous more design possibilities available, and I was able to choose the door styles, color, sink style, and countertop. I like how deep the sinks are, and the countertop is a good thick carerra quartz that is virtually indestructible.

Makeover of a Bathroom in a Coastal Style


I always prefer to invest on light fixtures since I believe they add a lot of interest to a room. I shopped everywhere for a light fixture that I liked before finding “the one” at a local lighting store (you can also get it on Amazon HERE). If you wish to look for them elsewhere, they’re the Quoizel Piermont bath light. I like this one since it still has some chrome to match the faucets, but the addition of black makes it look less formal and more modern.

Makeover of a Bathroom in a Coastal Style


Although I like the design of the large glass showers, they are not low maintenance and would be difficult for the guys to clean. We kept the tub and shower combo because the kids still want to take baths. Because our old shower tiles were pink and unsightly, I never photographed that side of the bathroom for any of my blog postings. I wish I had a good before photo!

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For the shower walls, I chose a polished marble mosaic tile that extended all the way to the ceiling. I adore the beauty of the tile, but if you plan on installing it yourself, be aware that it is not an easy tile to work with. There were also many damaged tiles in the tile sheets, so thoroughly inspect them before purchase. That being said, I am quite pleased with it and would choose it again. The marble will need to be resealed every 6-12 months, but I have to do it for our marble floors in our main level bathroom, and it isn’t difficult.


Our bathroom linen cabinet was decluttered and a few new organization products were added. I already had four of the striped bins and recently purchased two more for the top shelf to store our first aid kits and a few other random items. Now that everything is neat, I’m contemplating whether or not we should reinstall the doors. I was always the only one who shut them!


I kept the bathroom decor in this bathroom relatively minimal, mostly because the boys don’t care. lol! If it had been our master bathroom, I would have added a few more decorative things, but less stuff means less to clean. In our old bathroom, we had a couple of shelves over the toilet that ended up becoming a dust magnet.

Although I did move it from its original location, this sign is one of the few things that survived from our first bathroom. It’s a good message to see first thing in the morning, in my opinion.

You can’t go wrong with a couple air filters, especially in a boy’s bathroom.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of the bathroom! I’ll be writing a post shortly with all of my bathroom organization recommendations. Please let me know if you have any further queries!

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