How to organize the Counters in Your Kitchen

How to organize the Counters in Your Kitchen. Clutter has a powerful influence over us. It’s true that having a messy kitchen can make you eat more than you should! That is but one illustration of clutter’s power. One of the most crucial things you can do to take charge of your kitchen and lower the stress level in your house is to clear the counters!

Do you want to cut weight and start eating healthily? Would you like to start cutting back on eating out? Organizing the kitchen is the first step in the process! It will be simpler to plan, cook, and serve wholesome, home-cooked meals if your kitchen is organized!

I’m not sure about you, but everything in our house seems to be drawn to the counters by some sort of magnetic vortex!

The kitchen counters serve as a sort of holding tank for all the miscellaneous items in our house. After entering the house, the mail is placed on the kitchen counter. After our shopping trips, our bags are brought home and left on the kitchen counter, etc.

How to organize the Counters in Your Kitchen

Having a clean kitchen, starting with the counters, is one of the finest ways I’ve found to lower stress levels in the house. Take the actions listed below to clear your kitchen countertops of clutter right now!



Clear away any leftover food and soiled dishes first. Before we start the actual decluttering, let’s finish off the simple stuff first by loading the dishwasher and washing everything in the sink.


Next, start working on the items that aren’t supposed to be in the kitchen that are piled up on the counters. Toys, books, electronics, lunch boxes, diaper bags, briefcases, documents, and other miscellaneous items that always seem to gather in the kitchen are included in this.

These items all have places they belong, and those places aren’t on kitchen countertops. If they don’t already have a “home,” create one! This is a practice that is vitally necessary to have a clutter-free home! Ensure that those items are never found on your kitchen counters again, but rather return to their proper place.

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It’s crucial to set up a system for handling all the paperwork that comes into your house if your countertops are covered in piles of it.

How to organize the Counters in Your Kitchen


Big gadgets that take up a lot of countertop space include the microwave, coffee machine, mixer, blender, toaster oven, slow cooker, etc. Ensure that the only appliances that are positioned on your countertops are those that you utilize frequently

An appliance needs to be used AT LEAST once a week, ideally more, in order to “earn” a place on your countertop. It doesn’t belong on your counters if you don’t use it very often. It simply takes up precious room that may be utilized for other purposes.

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Try to find space in your cupboards or see if you can move any appliances that you use but don’t use frequently enough to warrant having them on your countertops. If it’s something you never use, it should be sold if it’s in excellent shape or donated. If not, it ought to be thrown away or recycled!

4. Examine the smaller kitchen appliances.

Similarly, look through any baskets, spice racks, tool caddies, knife blocks, soaps, sponges, and other items that appear to be permanent fixtures on your counters. Only items that you virtually always use or reach for when preparing a meal should be kept on your counters.

You’re usually better off selling, giving away, or throwing away any items that are collecting dust on your counters and you can’t recall when you last used them.

I really think that clearing up the clutter on your kitchen countertops may completely transform your house. You won’t have to move a ton of stuff and shove a bunch of rubbish to the side in order to use your counters.

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How to organize the Counters in Your Kitchen


You ought to have gone through almost everything that was stored on your kitchen counters by now. However, please be sure to address anything we may have overlooked right away!

Look for a different location for everything that doesn’t belong in the kitchen. Anything relating to the kitchen or food that you don’t use often should belong in a drawer or cupboard. Anything you never use should be thrown out of the house!

You’ll be astounded at the enormous impact when you get those counters cleaned out. You will truly be able to use your countertops for what they were designed for the next time you go to cook!

How to organize the Counters in Your Kitchen


You’re doing great now that your countertops are organized! Would you like to tidy your entire kitchen now? Just for you, I made a FREE email challenge to organize your kitchen!

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Although managing a home might be stressful, it doesn’t have to be! My mission is to reduce your household stress and free up more time for the activities you enjoy. One thing you can do to help de-stress your home is to declutter your kitchen countertops!

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