Tips for Cleaning Ceramics Use Vinegar to Teriga Flour

Tips for Cleaning Ceramics Use Vinegar to Teriga Flour. Ceramics are one of the most commonly used materials for floors and walls at home. Ceramics are very popular because they have a lower price, and are also very easy to clean.

White ceramics are the right choice for elegant to minimalist home designs. However, the main problem with using white floors is that they get dirty easily, especially the floor because it is the way people pass by.

It is undeniable that the quality of ceramics can decrease with long-term use. Many things can cause the floor to become dirty, such as food scraps and children’s toys.

So using white ceramic floors requires different maintenance. Here’s how to clean and white ceramic floors quoted from Muliaceramics.

Tips for Cleaning Ceramics Use Vinegar to Teriga Flour

Tips for cleaning white floors

1. Sweeping the floor and mopping

In fact, sweeping the floor is one of the most common cleaning tasks. If the floor looks dirty, clean it frequently. This is done gradually to avoid dirt and sand that can scratch the surface of the floor.

Floors need to be mopped every day. Do it at least once a day to keep your floor clean and well-maintained. Add enough floor cleaner so that it does not stick to the floor.

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2. Use vinegar mixture

Dull paint on ceramic floors can be solved with vinegar. The method is very simple. Just pour the vinegar solution onto the dull area and let it sit for about 15 minutes.

Rub the surface with a dry cloth until the white ceramic floor returns to its original color. As a final step, you can use an anti-odor cleaning solution to remove the vinegar smell from the floor.

3. Don’t use pure acid

If you are using a floor cleaner that contains acid, don’t use pure acid or all of it. The point is to have the acid mixed with water or something else before use to keep your floors safe.
Simply mix it with water and you can rinse the floor thoroughly. Remember to dry the floor after rinsing.

Tips for Cleaning Ceramics Use Vinegar to Teriga Flour

4. Clean from the side

Whenever you want to mop your house, you should start from the edge. After that, slowly step back and go to the end of the room. Don’t forget to change the water in the rinsing scale.

5. Beware of outdoor terraces

Outside, tiled floors are vulnerable to direct sunlight. Since it is rarely used, dirt and grime can develop. Therefore, frequent cleaning is necessary. If your ground is hard, you can use a cleaner that is relatively moderate in acidity, but not too acidic. Brush clean, rinse with water and dry before using again.

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6. Use gentle cleaning tools

Often, we don’t pay much attention to the materials used to clean our appliances at home. In fact, this is very important to maintain the durability of white ceramic floors at home.

Therefore, choose a soft cleaning tool rather than an abrasive one. If you have already bought it, please use it gently, not too rough, so as not to cause friction with the floor.

7. Use a highly absorbent cloth

Always use an absorbent cloth to clean the floor after mopping. Let the drying process happen quickly. Also, make sure to use a clean cloth.

8. Wheat flour as an alternative

Flour alone is enough to remove ceramic-like stains caused by oil splashes. Simply dust the area you want to clean with flour and let it sit for a while. The flour will slowly absorb the oil on the floor. Then rub with a dry cloth and rinse again with a damp cloth.

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