Have Wooden Furniture? Here’s How to Take Care of It Right

Have Wooden Furniture? Here’s How to Take Care of It Right. Wooden furniture has the advantage of being more durable and strong compared to other materials. In addition, wooden furniture looks more classic and has a warm effect on the room.

However, wooden furniture has different maintenance from other material furniture. Wooden furniture must be cared for appropriately to avoid the risk of cracking, and termite infestation may occur.

Here are some ways to care for wooden furniture so that it lasts longer and does not get moldy in your home.

Have Wooden Furniture? Here's How to Take Care of It Right

Tips for caring for wooden furniture

1. Use a coat of varnish

Caring for wooden furniture can be done by coating wooden furniture with varnish periodically. In addition to maintaining color, the application of varnish also helps fill pores and maintain wood durability data.

2. Keep away from the sun

Sunlight can harm wooden furniture, so it’s best to avoid placing wooden furniture in places that are exposed to sunlight in the long run.

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3. Repaint

One of the problems of wooden furniture is mold. Usually mold will leave stains after cleaning. The part can be covered by repainting the part that leaves the stain.
This step can permanently remove stains or mold. As long as the air humidity in the room can be maintained properly.

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4. Add oil

Its expandable nature sometimes makes the surface swollen so that some furniture such as drawers and cabinets become difficult to close. You should apply special wood oil to treat the furniture.

Have Wooden Furniture? Here's How to Take Care of It Right

5. Sand if needed

Besides cleaning with paint, wooden furniture can also be cleaned by sanding moldy parts. But, this step makes the color of the
color of the wood surface to fade.

6. Moisturize

Wiping with a damp cloth to keep it moist is not enough. You need to coat the wooden furniture to lock the moisture inside the wood and effectively to prevent the furniture from drying out and deforming.

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Apply wood wax on the surface lightly and then wipe with a cotton cloth to reduce dust adhesion and increase gloss.

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