6 Tips for a Small House to Look Spacious and Airy

6 Tips for a Small House to Look Spacious and Airy. Small houses are often the choice of modern families for several reasons. The factor of land availability to the cost of making a house is often the reason for making a small house. Fortunately, there are some tips for small houses that can be practiced below.

6 Tips for a Small House to Look Spacious and Airy

Using Bright Color Walls

The first tip to make the house look spacious is to use bright colors on the walls. Bright or bright colors give a spacious and airy impression to disguise a house that is actually small or narrow.

Architects and interior designers usually recommend using white, light beige or soft yellow to get the effect of a small house interior looking more spacious. Bright colors also make the house look brighter because they reflect light, making the inside of the house more comfortable.

Not Putting Furniture Against the Wall

Placing furniture in a position against the wall may seem to make the room seem wider. However, this perception turns out to be wrong because it actually makes the room seem cramped and full.

Avoid using furniture that is too big and placing it against the wall. Small furniture placed away from the wall is more effective in terms of space utilization and produces a visual effect of a wider space.

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The distance between the furniture and the wall creates breathing space. The visual effect in the form of furniture shadows on the wall also plays a role in producing the impression that the room looks wider.

6 Tips for a Small House to Look Spacious and Airy

Using Mirrors

Another small house tips to produce a visual effect of a space that looks wider is to install a rather large mirror on one side of the room. The resulting visual effect is the appearance of the impression of a similar space inside the mirror so that the space becomes wider. To produce a more dramatic effect, two mirrors can be used in one room.

Using Multi-function Furniture

Another tip to maximize the function of space in a narrow house is to maximize the function of furniture or furniture. Using furniture that is multi-functional or has more than 1 function can make the existing space more effective.

This type of furniture also takes up less space because it has one form but has more than one function. A table with drawers or a cabinet can make the space utilized more effectively when occupied by a piece of furniture.

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Patterned Carpet with Repeating Patterns

Another visual trick that can produce the illusion of a large space is to use a carpet that has a repeating pattern. Choose a small repeating pattern so that the floor of the room seems wider. Avoid large patterns that can actually make the space seem narrow.

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Using several carpets with different motifs can also be an alternative to strengthen the impression of a small house seeming more spacious. Try to use carpets with colors that are also bright and match the color of the walls.

Using High and Large Windows and Curtains

Another trick to produce a heavy-looking space effect on the walls is to make large windows and be equipped with large curtains. Large windows allow a lot of sunlight to enter as a strong source of natural lighting.

Meanwhile, large and tall curtains can make the space seem more voluminous because of the visual illusion of a high sky. This trick can make the space seem more spacious from a vertical perspective.

Those are 6 tips for small houses to look spacious that can be directly applied to narrow houses or used as a consideration when making a small house.

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