Charging Stations that are Both Stylish and Functional for Families

Charging Stations that are Both Stylish and Functional for Families. Do you feel engulfed by charging cords and electrical devices? Or are you tired of having charging cords, phones, and iPads strewn about your house? I certainly was! So, in this piece, I’ll share the finest charging station alternatives to help you finally organise your chargers, wires, and devices. These elegant and effective charging stations can help you organise all of your family’s equipment while still looking amazing.

Our family’s technology charging requirements have shifted dramatically in recent years. Remember when the only thing you needed to charge was your phone and possibly an iPad? I feel like our family has way too many technological devices these days–iPads, tablets, phones, Kindles, and headphones. As our children grew older, it became increasingly difficult to keep their electronic devices and cord clutter under control!

Fortunately, there are plenty excellent charging station options available. Give yourself more than a cord in a basket as a phone holder!

Charging Stations that are Both Stylish and Functional for Families

Charging Points for the Entire Family

I like all of these alternatives, but a few truly stood out or solved a specific problem that I see frequently when it comes to keeping electronics nice AND convenient. These are my best picks for charging several devices while also decreasing electronics clutter.

Charge Your Phone, Watch, and AirPods All at Once

I immediately discovered the ideal charging station for my own electronic devices once I began looking. On my bedside table, I wanted something that looked like d├ęcor and also contain my personal technology. This small wood charging dock is lovely and provides a place for my phone, AirPods, and Apple Watch. (In the photo, my phone isn’t on the charging station because I had to use it to snap the photo, but you can see the socket and stand that holds it.)

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Charging Stations that are Both Stylish and Functional for Families

Simple Family Charging Station

My personal charging station is fantastic, but we also require family charging station ideas for the kids’ tablets, school Chromebooks, phones, and wireless headphones. We ended up making our own DIY family charging station for ALL of the things we currently have. However, for those of you who prefer the simplicity of purchasing a pre-made charging station, the rest of this piece has you covered!

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Nightstand for Charging

My sister recently purchased these charging drawer nightstands for her primary bedroom and she adores them! This charging nightstand features a pullout drawer with a 3-plug extension and one power strip with USB ports, allowing you to charge numerous devices at the same time. I like how it conceals them, how the cords are completely covered, and how it appears like a beautiful piece of furniture. Not to mention the shallow drawer above the charging drawer and the two below it, which provide plenty of storage.

Charging Stations that are Both Stylish and Functional for Families

One Charging Station for Phones and Tablets

Need something that can effortlessly hold all of your devices? This charging station for multiple devices is ideal! It includes several pockets, including one for a tablet and one for a laptop. You can charge all of your devices at the same time, which is a huge advantage. The tray at the bottom neatly stores your cables, and there are sections for five devices. This is the ideal size if you need to take up as little counter space as possible while charging multiple items at the same time. This is similar to the one I installed in Thea’s kitchen, which she adores! This would also be ideal as a desk organiser for all of your office’s devices.

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Charging Stations that are Both Stylish and Functional for Families

Acrylic Organisers Save Space

I like how these acrylic device docts mount on the wall, keeping your desk or countertop uncluttered. The charging station can accommodate three smartphones or similarly sized gadgets. The other choice is an acrylic station that only accommodates two devices, but one is sized for iPhones or other smartphones and the other is large enough to hold most tablets. The charging cables are not hidden and hang down the wall, however if you are limited on space, this is probably not a big deal. If you want to accomplish something similar but don’t want to drill holes, use command hooks!

Acrylic wall-mounted tablet and phone charging station
I also discovered several additional fantastic family charging outlets. You can see them in the gallery below!

Additional Charging Station Options

Aren’t these possibilities fantastic? Keep in mind that all of them would make excellent gifts for the techie in your life (or perhaps just to keep your spouse organised). There are plenty excellent suggestions for keeping you and your devices organised. Remember that labelling each cord will help you keep track of what charges what and who’s cord is whose. This prevents cord theft and inadvertent discarding of a cord particular to one type of device. Now go get organised, and I’ll keep brainstorming DIY charging station solutions to tackle our other charger difficulties!

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