9 Simple Bathroom Organizing Tips

9 Simple Bathroom Organizing Tips. For more seamless mornings and a more luxurious ambiance, consider implementing these nine simple bathroom organization ideas!

To further assist you arrange your space, there are some free printable bathroom organization labels at the conclusion of the piece. Simply download, print, and stick the clear sticker paper. Let’s start arranging now!

9 Simple Bathroom Organizing Tips


One of the easiest rooms, in my opinion, to organize is the bathroom, which may also have a great impact! need these simple organizing ideas to transform your bathroom into a spa-like haven if it could need a little help.

1. Firstly, DECLUTTER.

Decluttering thoroughly should always come first when organizing the bathroom. Make sure you read this post for 20 bathroom decluttering things and some fantastic decluttering tips before you start the actual organization. Organizing anything you don’t use or need is pointless!

9 Simple Bathroom Organizing Tips

2. Maintain a clutter-free counter area.

Try to keep as few things out on the counters as you can; any that you do want out should be gathered onto a tray. This gives your counter a more organized appearance and facilitates cleaning by freeing up space. To make room for getting ready, keep anything you have on the counter to the back 1/3 of the counter area. This foamy soap pump saves a ton of soap in addition to being attractive. All you have to do is add water to fill it up after adding your preferred liquid soap to about 1/4 of the way. The free printable labels are located at the end of the page. 🙂


Using the space inside your cabinet doors will provide you a ton of additional storage in your bathroom. Organize a range of objects or hair styling tools with over-the-door organizers. Hanging face towels or cleaning cloths from command hooks is a terrific idea, and they are simple to take off if you want to switch things up. To keep the boys’ toothbrushes out of sight but still conveniently accessible, I adore these toothbrush organizers. The main component simply pulls out for simple cleaning, and they adhere straight to the cabinet door.

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9 Simple Bathroom Organizing Tips


The bathroom drawers are a common place for small items to disappear. Draw dividers make it considerably quicker and simpler to locate what you’re looking for by helping to give everything a “home.” Drawer dividers made of acrylic maintain organization while opening up the room. Arrange related items in groups so you always know where to locate them and where to put them back. If you want to add a personal touch, you may even add some drawer liners! NOTE: In the picture below, the razor, toothpaste, and toothbrushes are EXTRA, UNSUED goods. If they weren’t spanking new, of course, I wouldn’t keep them together in storage. 🙂


Having a caddy is really helpful, in my opinion, for both my children and me. Every boy has a caddy that has all of the daily necessities for personal hygiene. All they have to do is take out the caddy in the morning, complete their responsibilities, and replace it. Everything is in one location, making cleanup quick and simple and ensuring they don’t miss any steps.

9 Simple Bathroom Organizing Tips


Cleaning up and doing laundry are sped up and made so much easier with a laundry container in the bathroom dedicated to damp and used towels! This simplifies our laundry routine greatly because I prefer to wash my towels separately from our clothes items.


Hanging bath towels on a hook is far simpler than hanging them from a towel bar. It also makes the towel dry more quickly. Get some hooks so that everyone may hang their towels; ideally, one hook for each member of the family. Reserve the towel bars for hand towels. It’s great to know you’re receiving your own towel because we aim to reuse ours as often as possible to reduce the amount of towels we wash!

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9 Simple Bathroom Organizing Tips


One of my favorite acrylic containers is the one with a hinged lid; it’s perfect for a variety of storage purposes throughout the house. The medium size fit our bathroom just right. It’s hard to make use of the space because our end cupboards have these weird bars across them (I assume this is because the vanity was originally designed for drawers). The acrylic bins fit perfectly in the new shelf space that I created with the addition of a dish riser! I use the bins in our pantry, and they stack well because of their clear design, which makes it easy to see what’s within.

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9. Always label everything.

Finding what you’re looking for and, more crucially, knowing where to put things back are made easier with the help of labels. Your spouse and children are no longer able to accuse you of being unaware of where stuff goes! Additionally, a charming label can give your area more intrigue and individuality. For the labels on our bathroom cabinet, I used the same Silhouette Clear Sticker paper as I used for our fridge labels. Even though the labels may be printed using an inkjet printer, if the ink gets wet, it may begin to run. The ink will stay put if it is printed on a laser printer {I just took my files to a copy company and had them printed for $2}. utilize a Sharpie, vinyl cutter, blackboard labels, or even just a label maker if you don’t want to utilize these labels.