Interior designers recommend layering rugs in the following manner

Interior designers recommend layering rugs in the following manner. Find out how interior designers layer rugs and the chic impacts it can create. A rug can bring interest, structure, and heat underfoot, but rugs do not have to go solo. Layering rugs can create incredible effects within a space, adding to its decorative detail.

Layering rugs is a method that interior designers make use of for big areas and smaller areas, with patterned layouts and plain, and various rug fibers. And, similar to all things interior design, they bring specialist know-how to their combinations that make for design success.

However it is possible to embrace this interior design pattern with a little expertise from the professionals on how to layer rugs, which’s what they have actually supplied right here.

Interior designers recommend layering rugs in the following manner

How To Expertly Layer Rugs

Choosing a rug suggests thinking about sizes, forms, fibers, and color and pattern whether you’re considering dining-room rug concepts, living area rug concepts, or a design for another part of a home. Layer rugs and these aspects have to be considered in regard to the rug combination, too.

It deserves getting wise regarding it, however, to manage a great look. ‘Layering rugs introduces depth, appearance, and dimension to a room,’ states indoor designer Artem Kropovinsky. ‘It has to do with including warmth, defining certain areas, and having fun with color and pattern to stimulate feelings; a room that really feels richer, cozier, and brimming with character.’


The initial inquiry when layering rugs is how many you should put together? ‘Typically, two rugs make the cut,’ states Artem Kropovinsky. ‘But if you’re feeling adventurous and the area enables, why not 3? Simply guarantee it does not get also busy.’

Keep in mind that the height of the rug combination additionally matters. Prevent creating a journey risk when layering rugs– visitors to your home are especially most likely to be caught out by this.

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Interior designers recommend layering rugs in the following manner


Size is likewise an important factor when teaming rugs. A rug error to actually stay clear of is going as well comparable in size, the layering won’t be easily apparent and the ornamental passion of the combination will certainly be diminished. The general rule?

‘ The leading rug ought to match, not dominate,’ says Artem Kropovinsky. ‘Leaving around 12 to 18 inches of the base rug visible achieves a balanced look.’


Apart from putting together rugs of the best size, the colors, structures, and also patterns in the combination needs mindful idea. Below, there are easier approaches that can be successful, or you can be a lot more daring in your strategy.

‘ Possibly begin with a neutral base and include a dazzling leading rug,’ suggests Artem Kropovinsky. Or go bolder. ‘Playing with complementary colors can offer that fascinating visual surprise.’ he states.

You could attempt a comparison of themes. ‘An enjoyable geometric juxtaposed with a flower or organic design brings a layered narrative,’ he claims. Additionally, try teaming pattern with solid color. ‘Using a patterned declaration atop a plain rug lets the layout sparkle, while a strong hue over a subtle pattern can develop an anchor for the eye,’ Artem clarifies.

Take notice of the textural mix also ‘Texture is your quiet ally,’ he says. ‘Imagine the comfort of a sheepskin over a rustic hemp.’

Bear in mind the connection between the designs, concurs Laylah Holmes, founder of Holmes Bespoke, which focuses on bespoke handmade rugs and carpets. ‘Going with an option of rugs that share a connection that strings throughout, such as the color, a motif, or the fiber, will certainly make it very easy to create a split feel with an unified charm,’ she claims.

Interior designers recommend layering rugs in the following manner

‘ Or why not attempt mixing it up and introducing contrasting details, such as adding a striped rug along with an ornamental layout with an ordinary jute rug,’ she includes. ‘This will certainly develop a characterful room with a happy touch of personality.’

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There are some rooms in the home that are all-natural venues for split rugs. ‘Living spaces benefit as layering can distinguish seating locations, specifically in open floor plans,’ claims Artem Kropovinsky.

‘ In the bedroom, layering provides a plush action when you initially rise,’ he continues. ‘For eating areas, a layered rug beneath can be a safety buffer, guaranteeing your favorite item stays excellent.’

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Laylah Holmes also suggests trying the method in open areas. ‘Layering rugs in a room is a terrific method of supplying an instantaneous welcoming ambiance with a kicked back comfortable feeling and a bohemian vibe,’ she explains. ‘This can work brilliantly in open strategy living rooms, where the mix of rugs creates a sense of flow across the space, whilst at the same time discreetly zoning each area.’



While rugs layered onto hardwood and lookalike floorings enter your mind, a rug can also be layered on carpet. ‘I love to incorporate rugs with wall-to-wall equipped carpets,’ says Laylah Holmes. ‘Jute is a fantastically functional product that works perfectly throughout a space as it is very low maintenance and can be easily place cleaned unlike the even more about distinctive sisal, hemp will not scrape wood floors; it can be finished with a softer textural rug ahead.’

Rug pads are always worth making use of whether you’re layering rugs or using one solo to help avoid slipping. Understand how to clean an area rug as well to keep them in fantastic problem and ensure they last. And for a look that depends on date, have a look at the most recent rug trends, and layer a fashion-forward design over a well-loved favorite.