Bathroom Storage Ladder DIY

Bathroom Storage Ladder DIY. This simple DIY bathroom storage ladder is a lovely way to add simple, functional storage to your bathroom. Ideal for small bathrooms or to bring interest to bare walls.

Bathroom Storage Ladder DIY


Our main floor washroom room lacked storage and featured a blank vertical wall in the back corner. After experimenting with a few various concepts in the area, I devised this simple DIY storage ladder. It wonderfully fits the space, adds a little extra character to the room, and provides some extra quick access storage. This is a pretty simple DIY that anyone with basic equipment can complete. The proportions are also simply adaptable to any area or your specific storage requirements.

Bathroom Storage Ladder DIY


This easy DIY bathroom storage ladder is ideal for beginners. My version cost roughly $30 for all supplies (although I already had the paint on hand), which was significantly less than other storage alternatives I had considered.

Bathroom Storage Ladder DIY


  • two 13-inch boards, each about 7 feet long, for the ladder’s sides
  • We utilized 8 rungs on our ladder, which are about 11 inches long, and we used wooden garden poles or 12 boards cut down to your desired size for the rungs.
  • 1 1/4″ wood screws
  • drill
  • wood glue
  • level
  • stain or paint I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Graphite to paint ours.
  • Target sold wire baskets in groups of two in the bathroom section.
  • ‘S’ hooks or shower curtain hangers

Bathroom Storage Ladder DIY


  • Cut and sand all of your wood pieces to the correct size. Make careful to locate your baskets before constructing your ladder so you can establish the length of your rungs and the amount of space you need between them. This is especially crucial if you want to put extra baskets on your ladder to make sure you have adequate space.
  • Once you’ve established the distance you want between your rungs (ours are about 8 1/2 inches), cut a spacer from the 12 board at that length to ensure that your rungs are equally spaced.
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Bathroom Storage Ladder DIY

  • If you’re erecting the ladder by yourself, you’ll probably need to use wood glue to secure the rungs before drilling in the screws. In our situation, I aligned and held the rungs while Dave drilled, removing the need for adhesive. Take special care when placing the initial rung, as it will define the alignment of all subsequent rungs. Align the first rung’s long edge on the side rail (see photo above) and place it in the middle of the 13. Screw the screws into place. Once you’ve got this first rung in place, all you have to do is slip in your spacer and make sure it’s level before adding the next rung. Screw in all of the rungs on one side of the ladder before moving on to the other. Rep on the opposite side.
  • Fill in the screw holes with wood putty after your ladder has been assembled. Allow to dry before sanding.
  • Allow the ladder to dry after painting or staining it. Attach your baskets and other fun accessories, and you’re all set!

Bathroom Storage Ladder DIY


The great thing about this storage ladder is that you can make it exactly as you want it. The alternatives are unlimited, but here is a short list of storage suggestions. Please notify me if you have any more!

  • bigger towels can be hung over the rungs
  • Roll up smaller towels and place them in the baskets.
  • Fill the baskets with mason jars filled with basic self-care supplies.
  • keep spare toilet paper rolls
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  • show off little decorative pieces
  • Hanging metal planters can be used to store small plants or other goods.
  • keep additional toiletries on hand for visitors

Bathroom Storage Ladder DIY


The proportions of the ladder are simply adjustable to your specific needs and may be utilized in any space of your home. Here are a few ideas to get you started…

  • stow toss blankets
  • linens for display
  • dangle attractive scarves or other items
  • Keep art supplies in the baskets.
  • Put little potted plants in the baskets.

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